Right in our front yard

We’re on about 9 acres here in the Anderson Valley, so it’s a pretty big front yard…

We had a mountain lion in the area recently that made its home base in one of the ravines flanking our property. When I took our dogs out late one night recently, it snarled at us and the dogs ran back indoors, fortunately. It was a warning to stay away from its kill, presumably deer. (That lion also killed a calf in a grazing field not even a half mile away.) What’s interesting is that we saw no deer or turkey for a few days, nor did we hear the usual cacophony from the nearby geese, or the turkeys, crows, mourning doves, jays, hawks, etc. Yesterday morning as I went out on our balcony I realized the mountain lion was no longer around–given that the usual roar of all our wildlife was back in full force. Our lone resident peacock, Peter, was hollering by sunrise. Poor guy has been years without a peahen. No one around here wants another. One crying peacock is enough; more than one would be deafening. (Make sure you have the volume turned up when you play the video.)


Dinner with Elephants

Another preview on the Botswana self-drive…

Elephants were heading for the water as the sun set. I was cooking dinner while this happened so we wouldn’t eat and then have to climb into the tent in the dark.

You can probably guess how difficult it was to finesse a gas-top-cooked Spanish omelet while all this was going on behind me.

The omelet survived, dinner was delicious as the sky turned violet, and we just made it into the tent by dark.

Unscathed by morning, and there I am back in the kitchen. We started another day with coffee, then collapsed the tent and set out for a game drive.