As an undergraduate and graduate student interested in imagery and perception, I studied art history and critical studies while creatively exploring photography and film. I then completed doctoral coursework in an interdisciplinary program, Film, Literature, and Culture, at USC; but I discovered that teaching and an academic career were not for me, so I looked for another way to support my creative habits. After all my meandering through formal studies, I wound up in the film business — again, not the best fit. But all of this prepared me for what I love most — writing. As a story analyst I evaluated written material for production companies (and also joined the staff in the Story Department at an agency, CAA, for a year). I’ve written several original screenplays, as well as a number of adaptations for producers. There were, for me, some frustrations and collaborative restrictions to the  process of screenwriting — but through it I keyed into extremely visual writing.

My first novel, The Music from the Lighthouse, is currently available as an ebook, and I’m now at work on my second novel. Writing and storytelling, allows for an intimate exploration of philosophical, cultural, and environmental issues, art and awareness.

I’ve been cooking and baking (of course with organic, sustainable, and many home- grown ingredients) for decades — three and a half, to be precise! I’m continually learning about wine — an exciting, endless pursuit. For more than five years now, I have been working in Hospitality — wine tasting rooms — where I also do some food pairings for events. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Seebass Family Wines since May 2016.

I live in the Anderson Valley with my husband on a nine acre property with persimmon, plum, fig, pear and (about 50) apple trees. We have three Border Collies who train us daily. Zoe is the newest addition to the family. Her job is to chase the wild turkeys off the property!

with Piper and Jane

This is one of those rare occasions when there really is an elephant in the kitchen.

Susan Robinson




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